We train dog owners and resocialize dogs.

You are a new owner, have a puppy, or plan to keep a dog?

Are you interested in learning more about the dog, its language and its needs?

Your dog shows a behavior that makes everyday life more difficult for him or for you?

At Thimba YOU are exactly right!

We work with you at home and in their environment, which is also familiar to their dog.

We are focussing on working with them to create a balanced environment for their dog that meets their needs and is responsive to their natural behavior. Of course, we also take into account their needs and abilities.

Therefore, all persons living in their household are involved, and, as required, persons who have a regular relationship with their dog.

Our aim is the harmonious coexistence between dog and man.

Thimba offers this service to all dog owners, no matter whether their dog shows a problem behavior or not.

Contact us and invest them in a life with more balance, joy and harmony!
Your Thimba Team

Christian Leuthold und Désirée Müller

Your dog shows a problem behavior?
…or maybe not yet?

Problem behavior is relative. However, it is absolute that any kind of unnatural behavior of the dog is caused by miscommunication between man and dog.

There are basically two beings with different languages, but there are similarities.

Can a dog learn our language? In movies “YES” – in real life “NO”! And yet, many dog owners carry verbal dialogues with their four-legged friends and have the expectation that their dog can correctly interpret them and all their human emotions.

A person possesses the unique ability to adapt to a large part of the language of another species. By observing their nature, he can recognize their needs and understand them.

This is exactly the ability we use with Thimba in order to restore the natural balance for house dogs. This balance is the foundation for a harmonious dog life.

Do not hesitate and walk the wonderful way to balance and harmony side by side with your dog.

„Whoever stopped learning, has stopped living.“

(Autor unknown)

The mobile dog obedience school Thimba works all over Switzerland, the main immigration area is the Bernese Oberland, especially at our residence in the beautiful Faulensee near Spiez, Thun, Interlaken and Bern.

Our Prices:

Coaching of approx. 2-5 h * SFr. 450.-
Journey at cost SFr. 0.70/Km

* The effective duration of a coaching is individual and dependent on the endurance of dog owner and dog.

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