Help my dog is pulling on his leash

The leash pulling of the dog starts if the leash is used for the wrong purposes. In this case, it has the purpose of a physical distance boundary.

Used correctly, it becomes a communication tool between the dog and its owner.

The world in which our domestic dogs live with us is mainly meant for us humans.

It is a world in which a dog could not cope on his own. Consequently, we, as the dog owners, must lead and “carry” our dogs through this world.

However, the leadership is on the dog’s side if he pulls his owner through this world on the leash. Since he cannot accomplish this task, it necessarily leads to overextension.

Excessive excitement, stress, and anxiety are only three of many possible behaviors of a dog that are caused by excessive demands. These behaviors do not correspond with his balanced nature.

A dog does not take over this leader task because he wants to, but because the person at the other end of the leash does not meet the required leadership qualities and the nature laws of the dog. The person gives him no choice with his behavior because the dog cannot accept him as his pack leader.

The walk is the most important part in the life of a domestic dog and offers the best opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the dog and his owner. It can become one of the most beautiful and most relaxing experience if it is calm and stress-free.

At Thimba, get to know the nature laws of your dog, and meet and gain leadership qualities in the world of dogs.


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