Help my dog chases cats or other animals

The hunting instinct is an important part of the dog’s nature. In our society, however, it is a problem if he uncontrollably directs against other living beings.

Looking at the ancestors of our dogs in the wild, you will find that hunting and all the related aspects take up most of the time of their day.

Therefore, it would be unnatural and wrong to suppress this instinct in the life of our dogs completely.

Pack animals hunt in groups. It is a highly organized and clearly structured process in which each pack member has a clearly defined task. We can use this structured interaction of pack animals to coordinate our dog’s hunting instinct and to lead it into an unproblematic direction. Through this, the needs of the dog are meet without other living beings taking any harm.

At Thimba you will learn what it takes to control the hunting instinct of your dog and to still fulfill his needs.


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