Help, my dog is aggressive towards conspecifics

An aggressive behavior of the dog towards conspecifics can have different backgrounds.

These range from a poor social behavior to unbalanced territorial or protective drives.

Most of the time it is the dog owners themselves who trigger such behavior without even realizing it. The way dog owners confront their dogs with conspecifics is often completely wrong and leads to misunderstandings between dogs, but also between dog and dog owner. As the pack leader, we must understand how the dog functions and what exactly conforms with his nature so we, as the humans, can act in a species-appropriate way towards the dog.
The aggressive behavior of your dog can quickly become dangerous to himself and everyone involved in his environment.

Therefore, do not hesitate and request help!

At Thimba you will learn how to theoretically and practically prevent such behavior by restoring your dog’s natural balance. With us, you will gain in-depth knowledge and learn how to react properly in such situations.


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