We, Christian Leuthold and Désirée Müller, are a team in private and professional life. We complement each other with our skills.

Our activity at Thimba is not only our profession but also our fervor and passion.

We do not see us as dog trainers because we do not train dogs.

It is the people that we train.

Typical dog training focuses on conditioning and is rather designed for needs of people than their dogs.

With us, the natural balance of the dogs has priority.

We see ourselves in an active conveyance position between humans and dogs with the task to make the dog’s instinctive world available to humans. We coach people how to be situation-specific and how to generally act species-appropriate towards the dog. We additionally reintegrate dogs, who have developed a poor social behavior or learned a bad social behavior in the human environment, back into society.


It was our first dog Aaron who brought us to what we call our passion today: A dog with an incredibly high energy level and utter leadership qualities for his species.

His wrongdoing caused by our lack of knowledge almost drove us to desperation! We were looking for help from various dog trainers. The recommended training methods did not work in any way. The dog did not cooperate with us nor with them. This was accounted for by his race, but also with hereditary preload.

However, we were still convinced that the problem was on the human’s side, and not the dog’s side. It required a complete restructuring of our life habits to follow this belief.

It started a multi-year learning process in which we invested all of our energy to analyze the behavior of dogs amongst themselves and its backlash on the human behavior and to implement this knowledge into a structured practice.

During this process, we made use of various knowledge sources.

Cesar Millan was and is a great mentor to us from whom we were also able to learn during personal meetings. In our judgment, Cesar Millan is a luminary in the field of dog psychology.

This multi-year learning process did not only open up a lot of new knowledge to us but also demanded a high degree of openness and self-criticism from us.

Today we know that number of people with support and learning needs in this area is almost as high as the number of domestic dogs.

Our goal is to spread knowledge and skills in accordance with the aforementioned problems and to enable dogs as well as humans to have a life with more balance and harmony.

And we have launched Thimba to do so.

Your Thimba Team

Christian Leuthold und Désirée Müller

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